The Dangers of Mercury Fillings

Do you have any amalgam fillings in your mouth? If they are new, they may look silver and shiny. The longer they are in your mouth, the more they tarnish and begin to look grey – and then black. If you do have any amalgam fillings, chances are, you are carrying toxic poisons in your mouth.

Those “silver” amalgam fillings actually have mercury, silver, tin and copper. Older amalgam fillings may also contain nickel and zinc. All of these metals can be released into the body; first, when they are first placed in your mouth, and later, as the filling breaks down through every day activities – like eating, chewing, drinking hot liquids, grinding your teeth, and even getting your teeth cleaned. (Click on the link for The Smoking Tooth to see how toxic vapors can be released from your teeth.)

The vapors from these substances can migrate from the tooth into the bones, connective tissues and nerves.  From there, they can travel to the central nervous system, where they can permanently disrupt the body’s normal functions. For many people, the build-up of metals in their body doesn’t affect them at all, however in others, those same materials can make them sick.

The American Dental Association (the ADA) and the Food and Drug Association (FDA) have long taken the stand that mercury, once it is mixed with other metals and placed in someone’s mouth, becomes “safe” – contrary to all scientific evidence. Ironically, the ADA has cautioned against the use of mercury amalgams in children and pregnant women. If dental amalgams are not safe for pregnant women or children, what makes them safe for the rest of us? (I was one of the dentists allowed to comment during the 2010 FCA hearings regarding the use and classification of mercury fillings. Click on the video to the right to see it.)

The ADA is a strong advocate of mercury amalgams. Amalgams are inexpensive, and with their use, people who could otherwise not afford dental care are able to keep teeth that, in the past, would have simply been pulled. However, science has shown the adverse consequences mercury can have on your health and it is now time for the public to insist they be protected from these dangers. Unfortunately, most insurance companies only cover the cost of mercury amalgams because it is the cheapest filling on the market. Even worse, most dentists place it in patients’ mouths because they don’t KNOW any better.

People with mercury or heavy metal poisoning can have symptoms ranging from: Anxiety, Blindness, Confusion or loss of memory, Depression, Eczema, Fits of rage or outbursts of temper, Gastrointestinal disturbances, Headaches, Insomnia, Joint pain, Kidney disorder, Miscarriages, Neuralgic pain, Paralysis, Thyroid problems, Tremors and tingling of fingers, Unusual fatigue, Skin disorders, Vertigo, Weakness of legs, and other symptoms.

So if your dentist suggests putting a “silver” filling in your mouth – just say no!

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